What After Market Applications Do You Want for Your New Car?


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All of this on a 20 minute commute to work.
Truck Wraps Provide a Powerful Advertising Platform for Companies of All Sizes
Visible from a distance, truck wraps provide the perfect palette for companies to display both their products and their message. And unlike billboards that may only get exposure once or twice a day as commuters travel to work, vehicle wraps of any size can literally accompany a different set of drivers every day during rush hour. The fact that many drivers can recall the exact wording of a particular company’s truck wrap is an indicator that this marketing method works.
And while truck wraps and vinyl applications to commercial vehicles can provide a difficult to ignore advertising message, more subtle wrap applications can be used to provide a distinct look to personal vehicles. Ever so thin pin stripes or umbra color bands can make one black care among many stand out from the crowd.
Window Tinting Products Provide Protection from UVA Rays and Sun Glare
While some company owners and individual drivers have graphic wraps applied to their vehicles, other company and car owners are more concerned about personal safety than the uniqueness of a car wrap. Although front car and truck windshields come coated with a slight UVA protection, the side windows do not. And while you may feel slightly protected from the sun knowing that the front wind shield provides some protection, the side windows let in as much as 63% of the sun’s UVA radiation.
Unfortunately, continued UVA exposure through the side windows of a car can accelerate the aging of the skin by as much as five to seven years. So while drivers may think that all of their attention to safety in the car should be on the road, they may be unknowingly exposing themselves to another far greater danger whenever they get in their car.
One health study reported a 93% reduction in skin cell death when UV exposure is filtered through UV-absorbing auto glass. Stepping up to the highest quality products, some car windows films or tints can block 99.9% of UV rays.
In addition to protecting the driver and the passengers from dangerous UVA rays, window tinting services also provide protection from distracting glare. Studies indicate that glare from the sun causes as many as 3,000 accidents a year. Additionally, a study of car crashes indicated that 80% of the glare-exposed drivers were the cars that that hit the other car. This compares to the 52% of those who were in the same role even though their vision was not obstructed.
Many states have regulations about the amount of tint that can be legally applied to a car. In Texas, for example, a sunscreening device is prohibited if it has a light transmission of less than 35%. This essentially means that the front side wing vent or window, the side window behind the vehicle operator, and the rear window must still let 65% of the light in.
In addition to reducing exposure to dangerous UVA rays and limiting sun glare, window tints serve another practicality. Did you know, for instance, that a car with professionally installed window tinting can be as much as 60% cooler on a hot summer’s day.
A car or truck can be as unique as the company it represents or the individual who is driving. Through a combination of custom car wraps and window tinting options, drivers can shout the name of the service their company offers or quietly proclaim their individuality. In addition to projecting a message, protecting you and your family from dangerous sun glare and UVA rays may be equally important.
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