The Importance of Taking Care Of Your Car


Whether you have an old car or a new one, cars are hugely important in the United States as well as in many other places throughout the world. Cars are even essential for many of those who are gainfully employed. Unless you have easy access to a reliable and extensive form of public transportation, such as a train or a bus, it can be difficult to get around without owning your own car, be it an old car, a previously owned car, or a brand new car. For those who do not live in metropolitan or urban areas, or even just near to one, owning a car is something of a necessity. Without a car, in fact, many people in this country and even around the world as a whole would find it difficult to get anywhere at all in a timely manner. In fact, the average person will drive their car or truck (or other such motor vehicle) as many as ten thousand miles in just one year.

However, if you own a car – an old car or a new car – it is so important to take good car of it, from getting an oil change at least once every three thousand miles to having your tires rotated and purchasing spare tires for sale. Spare tires are particularly important to have on hand, just in case that an emergency situation such as flat tire or other tire problem presents itself. But whereas a spare tire was likely to come included with the purchase of an old car, many newer models of cars and other such vehicles no longer come with a spare tire included in the purchase of the vehicle and must be bought separately. This is part of an effort on the behalf of many car manufacturers to work towards environmental friendliness. Because spare tires often add a good deal of extra weight to the car, they can increase the total emissions that the car produces. Fortunately, an alternative to the spare tire is offered by many car manufacturers in the form of the patch kit, complete with a can of compressed air to help reinflate the tire. For many people, this low volume tire repair kit will be effective but for anyone that spends a lot of time in their car, perhaps using it more than the average person and putting more wear on the tires, separately purchasing a spare tire can sometimes be the ideal path to take.

Along with having your oil changed regularly – at least after every three thousand miles, depending on the car and the factory guidelines – there are a number of other fluids that should be replaced and changed regularly, even in an old car. There are six of these aforementioned fluids, including oil as well as coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. Windshield wiper fluid is also important, especially if you live in an area of the country (or the world) that sees frequent rain and inclement weather.

But car care services are avoided all too frequently by much of the population, from car repairs to simply general car maintenance as recommended by the factory and written in the official car manual. From the old car to the brand new car, nearly eighty percent of all vehicles in the United States are behind on maintenance, totaling as much as sixty billion dollars in maintenance that has been put off or avoided. Many people avoid regular maintenance and servicing as well as small repairs in hopes that it will save them money – and it will, but likely only in the short term. This is because an old car (or a new car) that is not serviced regularly is far more likely to develop serious problems, necessitating the need for extensive – and expensive – repairs down the line and ultimately costing the car owner far more money – exponentially more money – in the long run and long term. Regular servicing and car maintenance, for this reason and others, is hugely important to even the old car.

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