Three OEM Tools to Invest in for your At-Home Shop


If you’ve been working on cars for a while, there comes a time when you cross over from casual hobbyist to serious at-home mechanic, the kind who knows which parts of a car are recyclable and who gives pointers to the kid under the hood at the Auto Shop. For you guys who are professional (or just bordering on it), here are three OEM tools you need to elevate your garage this summer.

Barrel fan

A barrel fan (particularly a barrel fan xtra seal) is an oscillating fan designed to heat a large indoor space. With a feature to prevent overheating, it can work in an area as large as a horse barn or garage. Unlike axial fans (those traditional paddle fans, like what you would see on a ship) the barrel fan xtra seal has a curved blade that is longer than its radius, allowing the blade to scoop up air and carry it over a longer distance. This means that cooling is smooth and consistent, much like an indoor air conditioner. An OEM tools oscillating barrel fan is also portable, so you can direct air to warmer areas of your garage or shop as needed.

If you’re constantly wheeling yourself under a vehicle, chances are its time to invest in an OEM Tools QuickJack. Like a jack in a traditional automotive shop, a QuickJack allows for maximum vehicle lift, with the added bonus of being portable. While an OEM Tools QuickJack 7000 and QuickJack BL 5000 will work for nearly all vehicles, an XLT model may be a better fit for longer electric vehicles. With that said, experts agree that a traditional QuickJack BL 5000slx is all that is needed for most cars, both foreign and domestic.

Trusty Cook Hammer

Of course, no product will be more indispensable in your OEM Tools box than your trusty cook hammer. Made from polyurethane and hot casted by hand, the Trusty Cook hammer will last as long as you will and requires less force to strike various surfaces.

A recent study found that working with tools results in nearly 500,000 visits to the emergency room each year. It should come as no surprise that these accidents are often result from inappropriate tool use or the use of the wrong tool altogether. As you expand your craft in your garage or shop, it pays to invest in tools that last a long time, that preserve your back and hands, and that get the job done as efficiently as possible. Research and improvisation never hurt, but at the end of the day, expert work requires expert tools.

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