What It Takes To Add Apartment EV Charging Stations


The cutthroat competition in the real estate and properties industry has inspired new advancements to satisfy the customers(tenants, property owners, and homeowners). One of the many trends currently taking the property market by storm is adding apartment EV charging stations. For electric car owners, this has come as good news. The chance to recharge their car batteries, conduct repair and maintenance from their residential areas is just hard to pass by. Therefore, as a property owner, providing EV charging stations to your potential clients will definitely contribute to a spike in the number of people coming to rent with you or buy property from you.

When it comes to adding an electric car charging station to your apartment, there are several things you have to take care of. First, the installation process should be undertaken with a lot of reservations to ensure you get what your customers or tenants want. It is no secret that the number of EV charging stations for apartments has increased tremendously. As of December 31, 2017, there were approximately 20,178 public and private EV charging stations in the united states, whereby 17,526(86.9%) being open to the public. Furthermore, the ever-increasing number of electric cars has also contributed immensely to the need for commercial charging stations. But as a property owner, how do you go about the process of providing apartment EV charging stations? Below is what it takes.

Make Plans

Before you even purchase or install EV charging stations for your apartment, you must plan. First, you have to know the status of the electric supply in your apartment. Second, it is also essential to determine the right spot to add the EV charging station. This will ensure convenience to any person that comes to recharge their electric car.

Planning allows you to go about this project seamlessly with fewer or no challenges. You are able to come up with budget estimates capable of taking care of the cost to be incurred. In that regard, you will not only minimize wastages but also prevent spending quite a fortune on acquiring commercial charging stations. So, sit back and plan first, lest you end up making mistakes.

Get A Reputable Contractor

You will need an electrical contractor to install the apartment EV charging stations. Not just any contractor you come across can do this job effectively. Therefore, you need to do your homework very well in your search for an expert. With the many contractors offering these services, you can end up with the wrong pick. So what do you have to do? Ensure you consult with previous clients who know have these EV charging stations in their apartments. Ask them about some of the contractors they worked with and get serious recommendations you might put into considerations. Listening to people who have already had a first-time experience dealing with various electrical contractors will give you insight into the right professional to bring on board. Having the right electrical contractor also impacts the choice of your electric vehicle charging station. You get advice on some of the best EV chargers you can install in your apartment.

Time To Add The Apartment EV Charging Stations

Once you have your plans are intact, the budget is set, you got the right electrical contractor and quality charging stations, it’s time to actualize your project now. You also need to be on-site just to monitor the progress of the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. This ensures there is accountability and the project is done according to your specifications. Once the installation is done, you can seek the necessary approval and register your EV charging station for commercial use.


Electric vehicle charging stations have made the use of electric vehicles more appealing. There is no need to worry about the ever-rising fuel prices. At the comfort of your apartment, you can recharge your car in readiness for that road trip you have been yearning for. Furthermore, you do not have to put up with long queues, usually present in the commercial EV charging stations, that are open to the public. For this reason, most aspiring homeowners and those renting apartments prefer to have private EV charging stations. They can always access the stations whenever they want without any hassle.

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